Specialist Hire

The communication of your company may be looked after by a team of professionals: advertising, public relations professionals, journalists. We will do all agreed work, and if the situation on the market or in the company change, we will adjust the plans.

Corporate Marketing Communication Management

Consulting on marketing communication issues.

Assessment and selection of communications offers, negotiation on the most favorable conditions for the company.

Preparation of company offers and communication with company partners and clients.

Marketing communications services


  • advertising plans, media buying
  • preparation of advertising material,
  • implementation, coordination and control of the advertising campaign 

PR services

  • Writing and distributing of press releases.
  • Writing of commissioned articles.
  •  Organization of press conferences and presentations.

Writing services (in Lithuanian)

  • Problematic and analytical articles, commissioned articles, interview,
  • Commercial texts, descriptions of products and services.
  • Advertising texts.

Publishing activities

  • Magazines, newspapers,  brochures, catalogues,flyers.
  • Preparation of material: texts, pictures, layout.
  • Printing and delivery services.

Internet marketing

  • SEO blogs, preparation and administration,
  • SEO texts ,
  • Administration of pages in social network “Facebook” and others.

Your company’s communications unit can start today!

 Write your requests – we will send you a personalized offer.



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